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Taking the wine industry to the mattresses

It's one thing to love wine. It's something else to get other people to love it—and buy it. From box-wine to Bordeaux, that's my specialty. Here's my story


Say hello to tomorrow


It's an occupational hazard: the spark that inspires entrepreneurs to go into business can be squelched by the day-to-day challenges of managing its growth. Sage's digital accounting products make it easy to stay on top of your finances, allowing business owners to get back to doing what they love. We comped up a few stories that said "goodbye" to these business headaches and "hello" to a smoother, more fulfilling operation.  

Bringing inspiration and innovation to your inbox

Knowledge builds


In the skilled trades world, the Counter Guys at the distribution center are among the unsung heroes in the manufacturers' sales channel. BlueVolt creates online learning programs that build their knowledge and develop them as the manufacturers' biggest ally. I created a voice and tone that speaks authentically to this world on its desktop, mobile phone, email inbox, trade shows and beyond. Views samples in their natural habitat:


The moment


Tableau Software serves up data analytics and near-art-quality visualizations that turn information into profound insights. And it's so easy to use, any marketing manager can morph into a data geek. Here's my manifesto from the pitch deck:  

After all the chewed up pencils,
After all the dead end leads,  
After all the emails and the waiting for replies,
After all the slaving over a hot spreadsheet  
Comes the Moment—the instant when your eyes  
get big LIKE THIS and you step into enlightenment.  
A Moment when you see your figures added up to a sum  
greater than their parts. This is the insight brought to you  
by Tableau: The power of truth stated simply.



Voice & Tone, Concepting, Copywriting (Pitch Deck)

Planar makes the world's most advanced digital displays. Recently, they introduced the UltraRes series, whose interactivity, divisibility and infinite scalability are changing the whole game. Our insight: the enemy isn't competing display manufacturers, it's poorly-run meetings. Because from fax machines to noisy projectors to the whiteboard, it only takes one piece of outdated equipment to infect a boardroom and kill collaboration. We call that zombie technology. We even built a social campaign around it. Planar’s UltraRes displays are the cure, elevating any meeting by making it interactive and collaborative, bringing best ideas, plans and strategies forward. This is the pitch deck that won the business.

American Express

Keeping healthcare fiscally fit


Healthcare reform has placed enormous pressure on hospital CFOs to save money and bring more cash into their system. American Express payment solutions can really help. In order to engage their attention, we created the "Healthy Healthcare Institution" branded content campaign, riffing on the idea of CFOs giving their back office a “fiscal checkup.” It included a video, "medical school" flash cards an infographic, as well as whitepapers, case studies, web content, webinars and a trade show booth—all promoted via social channels, email and banner ads. Download samples:



When Nike launched its global commerce website, its email marketing had to serve its mission to inspire athletes* around the world with innovative products. My first job in 2013 was to write several dozen transactional emails ("Good news: your product has shipped!") for each global regional market—localized and in the revamped Nike tone and voice. Afterward, I moved on and wrote monthly inspirational emails for Nike Women of the world. Contact me for samples.   

*By the way, if you have a body, you're an athlete.


Who knew?

concepting, Copywriting

While you may not have heard of them, Brocade is leading massive changes in data center networking. This means less waiting for video downloads on mobile phones—from Your Town to Yalta. It can also mean greater access to U.S. federal government services. But first, Uncle Sam's IT infrastructure needed to move from hardware-based IP platforms to software. It’s okay if you don’t understand that. The point is, Brocade is helping them make that shift, and they called up on us to promote it in a TV ad/web banner campaign that ran in the Washington, DC area.


Making the world safe for business data

Concepting, copywriting

With Tripwire software on patrol, cybercriminals have nowhere to hide. To capture the attention of equally-elusive C-suite executives with this message, we adopted a strategy of surprise and delight. We mailed them fully dimensional parodies of the Battleship game, complete with playing pieces, while a themed website featured a “Red Scare” training film. Personalized memos and customized emails and landing pages demonstrated that we knew more than just the prospect’s name: we also understood his or her unique management challenges, reinforcing Tripwire’s position as the “World Cyberthreat Detection Authority.”  Download sample:

Take charge of tomorrow

Content strategy, copywriting (pitch deck)

In America, mid-sized businesses are a quiet giant, producing a staggering 92 percent of new American jobs in the last eight years alone. Yet, business products tailored for such-sized companies are scarce. American Express Global Corporate Payments is helping to fix that with a suite of tailored payment solutions. They asked us to pitch in. We envisioned a robust business leadership digital magazine focused on the "third bottom line" on a sub-branded destination, with these departments:

The New Balance Sheet Forum: A documentary video series that follows leaders who have built work-life balance and community involvement into their business strategy.  

Grow Global/Run Local Summit: A leadership conference for mid-sized businesses, addressing their unique needs and helping them network across industries with leaders of similarly-sized companies.  

Tactical Content: Video case studies, articles and info-sushi offering snackable, sharable insights. Download sample: 

babcock jenkins

Highest best


As part of a campaign to bring fresh energy to our ad agency company, I was asked to write and an anthem video touting the mantra the executive team had chosen: Highest Best. The video debuted at the annual meeting in January, 2015 and continues to be played in the lobby.

Parallels Desktop 8

Run Windows on your Mac

Copywriting for packaging and Rack Brochure

If you own a Mac but you want to run Windows, Parallels Desktop 8 gets you there—pronto. Given the notorious complications of switching between these two operating systems, how could we tell that story in a way that would overcome skeptics? I chose to create a "word cloud" of phrases that take you through the process as fast as possible. (Also, I included a few bite-sized testimonials.) My abbreviated approach telegraphed this product’s ease of setup with such chestnuts as: USE THE MAC YOU LOVE. RUN THE WINDOWS APPS YOU NEED. And: NEW TO MAC? NO WORRIES. Contact me for samples


Save 6,000


Each year, over 6,000 teens die in traffic accidents. That's why Allstate Insurance sponsored the "Save 6,000" national event tour to raise awareness for safe driving habits among teens. Download samples: 

Lit workshop

Design. Build. Astound. Repeat.

Brand development, creative direction, copywriting

LIT Workshop had one objective: Conquer China. In the retail fixture world, it's tempting to have your products manufactured overseas. But when you factor in added shipping costs, differences in language and time zone and challenges with quality control, those savings can dwindle. Enter LIT Workshop, whose Portland, Oregon-based facility can build one flagship store (for companies like Nike) or roll out 1,000 of them (for companies like The Gap) right here on U.S. soil. My job was to help them tell that story. I did that by leading workshops to reboot their brand, developing a messaging platform and expressing it in a new tone and voice for the company. And copywriting. Download a sample:


Revolutionary color

Creative direction, copywriting

Xerox Solid Ink printers are a trifecta of innovation: prints cost a fraction of those made from standard ink, produce 90 percent less waste and deliver stunning color. We were asked by Xerox's government marketing channel to produce a series of samples that could be generated by these printers at trade shows. 

Following its launch, Obama was re-elected and Steven Spielberg came out with a movie about Abraham Lincoln. 

Self promo

Words matter


With great freedom comes great connectivity

Concepting, copywriting

For over 30 years, Intel has led the world in enterprise-level Ethernet connectivity. Now they're helping data center managers upgrade from 1-Gigabit connectivity to 10-Gigabit. With that advance comes new choices—and freedom. I expressed that sense of freedom in two co-branded campaigns.

For the Intel & Dell campaign, I alluded to the freedom and power of Prometheus: Ethernet. Unbound.

For the Intel & HP campaign, I compared it to the surf culture's joyous lifestyle: Endless choice.